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SOC 949: Course Overview

Module 1: Online Community

In the first module, you will meet and introduce yourself to the course online instructor. You will also indicate your grading preference and review the Fresno Pacific University Continuing Education Policies and Procedures.

Module 2: National History/Social Science Standards

In the second module, you will examine three National History/Social Science Standards documents. You will begin to identify the specific standard that will focus your course research project.

Module 3: State History/Social Science Content Standards

In the third module, you will explore your State's History/Social Science Content Standards. You will identify specific standards which will guide your research project.

Module 4: History/Social Science Educator Support Sites

In this module, you will explore History/Social Science Educator Support Sites and History/Social Science Lesson Plan Collections developed by and for History/Social Science educators.

Module 5: Digital Archives, Museums, Libraries and Virtual Field Trips

In the fifth module, you will explore digital archives, museums, libraries and virtual field trips which provide online access to primary source documents and exhibits which will enrich and enhance your History/Social Science curriculum.

Module 6: Web Reference Resources

In this module, you will explore a wide range of web reference resources which will provide online access to maps, country information, photographs...

Module 7: Professional Associations

In this module, you will explore the web sites of several History/Social Science Professional Associations. These sites can provide opportunities to interact and collaborate with your colleagues in the field.

Module 8: Online Research Skills

In this module, you will learn to utilize online research tools (search engines, web indexes/directories, parallel search engines, etc.) to quickly and efficiently locate additional online curriculum support resources. You will also learn how to effectively manage your growing collection of web resources.

Module 9: Course Project Development

In the eighth module, you will work closely with the course instructor to develop a project that will be of immediate use in your classroom. This project will be shared with the online community and will become part of a growing collection of History/Social Science resources developed by course participants.

Module 10: Reflection

In the final module of the online course, you will reflect on how you will be able to integrate the web resources you have discovered into your existing History/Social Science Curriculum.


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