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Digital Archives, Museums, Libraries & Field Trips

We all recognize the value of broadening our students' background in History/Social Science through the use of primary source documents, museum and library visits and field trips. It has sometimes been difficult to provide access to these resources.

In the past decade, millions of documents and artifacts which have been gathering dust in museums and archives around the world have been digitized and made available on the the World Wide Web. Libraries have moved some of their services online and thousands of virtual field trips have been developed.

In this module we will explore these four types of online resources. All have tremendous potential to enhance and enrich the History/Social Science Curriculum in our classrooms:

Digital Archives

Digital Museums

Digital Libraries

Virtual Field Trips and Exhibitions

Note: Record comments and observations in your logbook. As you find sites that will be useful in your classroom, be sure to add them to your bookmarks/favorites list. When you have completed all four of the explorations, you will be sharing a brief site review of one site from each category on the course web discussion board.

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