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History/Social Science Educator Support Sites

The World Wide Web offers an amazing array of resources that can enrich and enhance instruction in the History/Social Sciences. Many of these sites have been developed by and for History/Social Science educators.

In these next two explorations, you will be exploring a number of these sites. We'll start with some comprehensive History/Social Science Resource Collections and then move on to History/Social Science Lesson Plan Collections.

As you explore these sites, look for resources related to the specific standard that you identified in Module 2 and/or Module 3. You will want to add useful sites to your bookmarks/favorites list.

Hint: You may want to create a new folder in your bookmarks/favorites collection before beginning your exploration. (Specific information on how to create a new folder can be found in your web browser's Help files.)

Our goal for this exploration is to collect a dozen or more web resources related to the standard that you selected earlier. In the reflection assignment that follows the exploration, you will be reviewing two of these sites.

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