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SOC 949:
History/Social Science Curriculum on the Web

This online course will introduce course participants to the wide range of History/Social Science curriculum resources available on the World Wide Web.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Course participants will develop an awareness of National and State History/Social Science curriculum standards.
  • Course participants will select one of their State History/Social Science Standards as the focal point for their online explorations and research projects.
  • Course participants will develop an awareness of web-based instructional support resources including:
    • History/Social Science Educator Resource Collections
    • Digital Archives, Museums, Libraries and Virtual Field Trips and Exhibitions
    • Web Reference Resources
    • Professional Association Resources
  • Course participants will develop online research skills that will enable them to locate additional web resources to support their History/Social Science curriculum.
  • Course participants will develop a standard-specific collection of online resources and a lesson plan or curriculum unit using the skills and resources introduced throughout the course.


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