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EDU 914: Course Overview

Module 1: Online Community

In the first module, you will meet and introduce yourself to the course online instructor. You will also indicate your grading preference and review the Fresno Pacific University Continuing Education Policies and Procedures.

Module 2: Elementary Curriculum Content Standards

In the second module, you will explore the elementary subject matter content standards for your state. You will select one or more elementary content standards which will be the focal point for your research and project later in the course.

Module 3: Educator Support Resources

In the third module, you will explore exemplary educator support sites which provide a wide range of professional resources. You will also explore the websites of professional organizations.

Module 4: Curriculum Support Resources

In this module, you will will explore exemplary collections of subject matter resources for each of the traditional elementary curriculum areas (Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Art, etc.). You will also explore the rapidly growing collections of lesson plans available to educators.

Module 5: Enrichment Resources

In this module, you will explore exemplary online museums, libraries and virtual field trips that can be used to expand the walls of the classroom and enhance the elementary curriculum. Course participants will also explore web portals which have been developed to safely introduce students to the World Wide Web resources.

Module 6: Teacher Tools

In this module, you will discover the growing collection of teacher tools that have become available on the web. You will find classroom organizers, worksheets and other reproducibles, clip art collections, rubrics and other assessment tools and even learn how you can create your own classroom web site.

Module 7: Reference and Research Resources

In this module, you will explore online reference sites which include most of the reference resources found in a traditional library (encyclopedias, almanacs, atlases, etc.) You will also explore sites which have been specifically designed to assist students in finding grade level appropriate resources for classroom projects and reports.

Module 8: Online Research Skills

In this module, you will learn to utilize online research tools (search engines, web indexes/directories, parallel search engines, etc.) to quickly and efficiently locate additional online curriculum support resources. You will also learn how to effectively manage your growing collection of web resources.

Module 9: Course Project Development

In the ninth module, you will work closely with the course instructor to develop two projects that will be of immediate use in your classroom. These projects will be shared with the online community and will become part of a growing collection of elementary curriculum resources developed by course participants.

Module 10: Reflection

In the final module of the online course, you will reflect on how you will be able to integrate the web resources you have discovered into your existing elementary curriculum.


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