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This website will be your "classroom" for this online course. Take a few minutes to explore the website to familiarize yourself with the layout of the "classroom."

Navigation: Top Row

Directly below the logo on every webpage in the course, you will notice six links that look like this:

Clicking on these links will:

home: return you to the course homepage

instructor: open a page with suggestions for using your webmail or e-mail software to quickly and efficiently send e-mail to the course instructor.

course support documents: take you to a page with links to all of the online course support documents (logbook, contact information, FPU/CE Policies and Procedures, course completion instructions, etc.

web toolkit: open a new browser window that contains every hypertext link contained in the course modules. This webpage will be useful when you want to return to a link your explored earlier in the course and do not want to burrow down into the modules to find the link. You may want to bookmark a copy of this page for future reference.

Navigation: Second Row

On the course homepage as well as on course support pages, you will see a module navigation bar like this:

course modules:   1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | interactive syllabus

Clicking on the course module numbers will take you directly to each of the ten course modules. The interactive syllabus link will take you to a version of the course syllabus with links to each of the course webpages. You may find it helpful to add the interactive syllabus page to your bookmarks/favorites and use this page as an aid in tracking your progress through the course.

You will notice that when you enter each module, the top navigation row remains the same but that the second row changes to reflect the module organization scheme. The second row will look like this:

module 4: introduction | explorations: 4e1 | 4e2 | reflection: 4r1 | links

These module navigation links will:

introduction: open a browser window with the module introduction and content.

exploration(s) and reflection(s): open the webpages with instructions for the module assignments. In most modules, you will have both exploration and reflection assignments. The exploration assignments will be referenced with the number of the module, the letter "e" and the assignment number.(Example: 4e1, 4e2) The reflections assignments will be referenced with the number of the module, the letter "r" and the assignment number. (Example 4r1)

links: open a webpage that contains all of the links for the module. This differs from the top row reference links in that it only has links for the current module.

You will notice that the color of one of the second row links will change to red to indicate your location in the module. Links to the other webpages in the module remain active to allow you to easily navigate the module.

Important Note: If you haven't already done so, now is the time to download or print a copy of the course logbook. You will use this logbook to record your observations, comments and assignment completion dates as you move through the course. You will return the course logbook to the instructor for evaluation upon completion of the course. Click here to explore your options for downloading or printing the course logbook.


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