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Enrichment Resources

We all recognize the value of expanding and enriching our students' classroom experience with regular library visits, trips to museums, field trips and classroom enrichment activities. In the traditional classroom environment, it has sometimes been difficult to provide access to these enrichment resources.

In recent years, many museums and libraries have moved large portions of their collections into the online environment. Thousands of virtual field trips and exhibitions have been created. "web portals" which provide "kid-safe" access to an amazing array of web resources have become available.

In this module, we will explore examples of each of these online curriculum enrichment resources:

Online Museums

Online Libraries

Virtual Field Trips and Exhibitions

Kid-Safe Web Portals

Hint: If you haven't already done so, create a new folder in your Bookmarks/Favorites. As you find sites that will be useful in your classroom, be sure to add them to your growing collection.

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