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EDU 914
Elementary Curriculum on the Web

Unlike intermediate and secondary educators who usually specialize in teaching a single subject-matter curriculum, elementary educators are expected to teach a broad range of subjects (Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, etc.). Locating appropriate resources to support, enhance and enrich this diverse curricula can be a real challenge for elementary educators. Fortunately, in the past several years, a wide array of resources for all of the elementary subject-matter curriculum has become available on the World Wide Web. This course will introduce elementary educators to this “Curriculum on the Web”.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Course participants will develop an awareness of elementary content standards for their state.
  • Course participants will develop an awareness of elementary curriculum support resources available on the web.
  • Course participants will develop online research skills that will enable them to locate additional web resources to support their elementary curriculum.
  • Course participants will develop a collection of content standard aligned, grade level appropriate subject matter resources and a lesson plan or curriculum unit utilizing those online teaching/learning resources.


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