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Curriculum Support Resources - updated 8.26.15

The World Wide Web offers an amazing array of resources that can enrich and enhance instruction in all subjects of the elementary curriculum. In the first part of this module you will explore exemplary curriculum support resources for:

Reading/Language Arts



Social Studies

Art, Music and PE

In the second part of this module, you will explore a sampling of the huge collections of lesson plans which have been archived on the web.

Lesson Plan Collections

As you explore these sites, look for resources related to the specific standard(s) that you identified in Module 2. You will want to add these useful sites to your bookmarks/favorites list.

Our goal for this exploration is to collect a dozen or more web resources related to the standard that you selected earlier. In the reflection assignment that follows these explorations, you will be reviewing one of these Curriculum Support Resources sites.

Hint: Again, I would like to suggest that you create several new folders in your Favorites/Bookmarks into which you can save the resources that you find in these explorations. (Specific information on how to create a new folder can be found in your web browser's Help files.)

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