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Mailing Information:

If you printed and used a hard-copy logbook, mail that to me. Be sure to affix sufficient postage. Use this address:

Jim Lloyd
2639 W. Beechwood
Fresno, CA 93711

Certified Mail/Express Mail/FedEx:

Bear in mind that these options require a signature upon receipt. If I am not home when your certified mail arrives, it may take several days to arrange redelivery or pickup.

A preferred option would be to use the US Priority Mail Delivery Confirmation Service which documents delivery but does not require a signature and is significantly less expensive.

Another option if you used the optional hard-copy logbook would be to scan the entire logbook to a .pdf file and send that to me as an email attachment. If you are unfamiliar with that process or do not have access to a scanner, you local office supply or FedEx store may be able to assist.

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