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Course Overview

Online Communications Module

The first module of the course focuses on developing online communication skills. Course participants will practice all of the basic components of email (sending, replying, forwarding, and attaching files, etc.) in an interactive series of assignments. Participants will explore email shortcuts, address books, email management skills, netiquette issues, safety and privacy issues and possible classroom uses email. They will have the opportunity to join several education-related listserves and web discussion boards. Regular interactive online communication with the instructor throughout the course will reinforce the participant's online communications skills.

World Wide Web Module

The second module of the course will focus on the educational resources available on the World Wide Web. Course participants will explore their state's curriculum content standards, educational resource sites, lesson plan sites, kid-safe sites, homework helpers, web reference sites, online libraries, museums and archives, and online news sites. Participants will also learn how to locate additional educational resources using search engines, web indexes, parallel search tools and specialized web directories.

Webpage Design Module

The third module of the course will introduce educators to classroom webpage/website development services. Selecting from multiple options, participants will create their own classroom webpage/website which will be accessible online before completion of the course.

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