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Building a Classroom website

This module of the course will explore the use of several "template-driven" web development services that are currently available to educators. These services do not require the use of additional software and can be created or edited with your web browser.

Creating a classroom web page or website using these services has become a simple matter of "filling in the blanks" and selecting from template options. The resulting webpage/website is typically "published" and available online within moments after you complete it.

Take a look at each of the following options:

Option 1: District-Provided Web Services

Option 2: SchoolNotes

Option 3: TeacherWeb

Option 4: Scholastic Class Homepage Builder

6.27.11 Update: Scholastic's Classroom Homepage Builder is no longer available. As an alternative to the Scholastic service let me suggest Weebly for Education.

Option 4: Weebly for Education

Option 5: Blog

Option 6: Google Sites

Option 7: Existing Classroom website

Option 8: Other Options

Several of these services are totally free and several are offered to educators in a free, advertising-supported version or 30-day trial version with hopes that you will later subscribe to the subscription version of the service. You do not need to feel obligated to purchase the subscription upgrade. The free or trial versions of the service will sufficient to meet the course requirements.

When you have decided which of these options you would like to use, send me <bobjost@gmail.com> an email message informing me of your choice. Include the words "webpage design A" in the subject like this:

To: bobjost@gmail.com

Subject: webpage design A

Follow the suggestions for the option that you select.

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