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Reflection # 7r1: Professional Associations and Organizations

After exploring a number of professional association and organization sites that are appropriate for your grade level or course of study, share what you have found.

You will send this assignments directly to me via e-mail.

Please use my regular e-mail address with the following subject line and include the items below:

To: lloydbhs@gmail.com
Subject: Module 7 - Professional Associations


*****begin copy here*****

Name of Professional Association or Organization:

URL: http://

General Comments:

Useful Resourses:

*****end copy here*****

You are also invited to share similar sites not currently included in the exploration lists with your online course colleagues using the web discussion board.

Click on the discussion board link in the navigation bar above and open the SOC 949 Web Discussion Board. Navigate to Module 7: Professional Associations. Review the archived messages and post your message in the Add Your Message Here box at the bottom of the the page.


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