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Course Updates:

Toolkit Update: 1.31.18

All of the links in the web toolkit collection on the course web site have been verified and/or updated. Dead links have been removed and several new search tools, web resources and background readings have been added. You may need to click the refresh/reload button on your web browser to see the changes.

Instructor's Office Hours: 1.31.18

In this virtual online course environment, I am "in my office" 24/7/365. I monitor incoming email correspondence on my smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer and respond throughout the day/evening/weekend.

I will make every effort to respond to email correspondence within 24 hours. If you have not received a reply within 24 hours, you can assume that your message or my reply was not successfully delivered. If that is the case, please leave voicemail on my GoogleVoice number (559.495.1919) with your name, course number and a phone number where I can reach to to troubleshoot the issue.

If you need to speak with me on the phone about other issues, the quickest way to reach me will be to send an email message that includes your course number, your question and a phone number at which I can reach you. I will return your call as quickly as possible.

How Soon Can I Get My Grade? 1.31.18

I make it a practice to review logbooks and projects on the day that they arrive.

If you have reached the three week minimum course completion date and after I have notified you that I received your logbook and project, you will be able to submit the online grade form for TEC 908 using your account on the University website.

After I have reviewed your logbook and project, I will be able to immediately submit your grade to the University for processing. I will notify you when I have done that.

More information on FPU Continuing Education policies and procedures:

Junk Mail Filtering

Most of us now have some form of junk mail filtering on our e-mail accounts. Often this filtering is provided by our internet service providers with little or no imput from us.

While this has in most cases dramatically reduced the volume of junk mail that has been appearing in our inboxes, sometimes legitimate e-mail is incorrectly identified as junk mail and deleted before it reaches us.

As those of you who have been working with me realize, I routinely respond to incoming e-mail within 24 hours (usually much quicker...). If you have not received a response to messages that you have sent within 24 hours, please notify me using my regular online course e-mail address <> with a CC (carbon copy) to my backup e-mail address which is <>.

If you still do not receive a response, please call and leave a message on my answering machine <559.495.1919>.

It is strongly suggested that you use the exact message titles indicated in the assignment prompts. Junk mail filters are often set to delete messages sent without a message title or with a generic message title (Hi, Hey, Hello, Re: Fwd: etc.)

It is also most helpful if you include your name somewhere in the body of the e-mail message, especially if your e-mail address does not include elements of your name.



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