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Mailing Information - updated 8.26.15

If you have been using the digital logbook, you will not need to mail any documents back to me. You can send the logbook to me as an e-mail attachment using this format.

To: bobjost@gmail.com
Subject: Course Logbook

If you have been using the printed logbook, you will need to mail your logbook to me. My mailing address is:

Bob Jost
5762 E. Laurite Ave
Fresno, CA 93727-8815

Caution: Certified Mail, FedEx or Express Mail

Bear in mind that certified mail, FedEx and Express Mail all require a signature upon receipt. If I am not home when your envelope arrives, it typically takes several extra days to arrange redelivery or a Post Office pickup.

Recommend Option for Quicker Delivery:

A preferred option would be to use the USPS Priority Mail Delivery Confirmation Service which confirms delivery but does not require a signature and often reaches me quicker than Express Mail or FedEx delivery.

Another Option: Scanning the Logbook

If you used the printed logbook, you could scan the entire document to a .pdf file and send that to me as an email attachment. If you are unfamiliar with scanning or do not have access to a scanner, your local office supply or FedEx store may be able to assist.

Please contact me by email or voicemail if you have any questions about expediting the processing of your grade for this course.

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