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Course Modules:



Web Searching


Web Searching

Web Search



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Course Website Navigation

Every webpage on the course website has some common navigation features that you will use to move about the website.

Across the top of every webpage you will see links with information for sending email to the instructor, a link to the course interactive syllabus which will guide you through the course and a link to the web searching toolkit that will provide easy access to the web searching tools that you will use in the course.

On the left side of every course webpage are found the links to the Course Modules. Clicking on a module link will take you into the series of tutorials for each module.

Interactive Syllabus

The TEC 912 Interactive Syllabus (which you can access by clicking on the Interactive Syllabus link on every course webpage) can be used to guide your progress through the online course.

Clicking on the hypertext links on the Interactive Syllabus will take you to appropriate section in the course website.

You will notice that visited links are displayed in a different color, allowing you to keep track of which activities you have already completed.

In addition, you may want to print a hard-copy of the TEC 912 Syllabus and check off each assignment as you complete it.

Online Correspondence Checklist

At several points throughout the course, you will be emailing reflection statements and observations to the course instructor. These points will be highlighted on the course website with the icon above. You can record the dates on which you sent the email messages on the Online Correspondence Checklist included with your course materials. A copy is accessible here.

Check out the Course Support Documents


Open the interactive syllabus and
follow the links to begin the course



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