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Course Completion Procedures:

Step 1

Send your Course Project and your Digital Logbook (including the Participant Self-Assessment) to the instructor as email attachments.

See this page if you need assistance with sending email attachments.

Step 2

After I have acknowledged receipt of your project and logbook, you will utilize the University website to submit your grade form online.


Log in to your account on the University website and click on the Submit Grade Form link on the left navigation bar.

Follow the on-screen instructions to submit your grade form online.

You will not need to mail anything back to me.

Step 3

The University web server will notify me that you have requested online grading. I will evaluate both your project and your logbook within 24 hours.

Step 4

I will notify you via email when I have submitted your grade to the University for processing.

Step 5

"Grades are posted (by Fresno Pacific University) within two business days of notification from instructor. A pdf Final Grade Report is available to print by logging in to the CPD website and clicking on Final Grade Report.

An official transcript may be obtained from the Order Transcripts link on the left side menu after the computerized grade report is received by the student. The grade report will reflect credit in the semester in which the course was registered; the transcript will reflect the actual course beginning and ending dates. The ending date is based on the postmark (or email attachment timestamp) on materials submitted to the instructor (for the final course completion review)."

- http://ce.fresno.edu/cpd/policies/

University privacy policies do not permit instructors to issue "verification of course completion" letters to your school district. You will need to contact the Center for Professional Development office directly if you need that service. Call the office at 1-800-372-5505.

See the information packet that was included in your course material for more details.

Contact me if you have any questions or require assistance.




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