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Web Discussion Board Update: 11.28.16

Recent updates on my website hosting service have disabled the web discussion board software used for the TEC 908 online course. Until I am able to fix the broken web discussion board software or set up a replacement web discussion board you will not be able to view or post messages to the web discussion board.

Send any messages or assignments designated for the web discussion board directly to me at

I apologize for any inconvenience or confusion that this might cause. Please contact me if you have questions.

Bob Jost - TEC 908 Online Course Instructor
voicemail: 559.495.1919

Toolkit Update: 8.26.15

All of the links in the Toolkit collection on the course web site have been verified and/or updated. Dead links have been removed and several new search tools, web resources and background readings have been added. You may need to click the refresh/reload button on your web browser to see the changes.

Instructor's Office Hours: 8.26.15

In this virtual online course environment, I am "in my office" 24/7/365. I monitor incoming email correspondence on my smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer and respond throughout the day/evening/weekend.

I will make every effort to respond to email correspondence within 24 hours. If you have not received a reply within 24 hours, you can assume that your message or my reply was not successfully delivered. If that is the case, please leave voicemail on my GoogleVoice number (559.495.1919) with your name, course number and a phone number where I can reach to to troubleshoot the issue.

If you need to speak with me on the phone about other issues, the quickest way to reach me will be to send an email message that includes your course number, your question and a phone number at which I can reach you. I will return your call as quickly as possible.

How Soon Can I Get My Grade? 8.26.15

I make it a practice to review logbooks and projects on the day that they arrive.

If you have reached the three week minimum course completion date and after I have notified you that I received your logbook and project, you will be able to submit the online grade form for TEC 908 using your account on the University website.

After I have reviewed your logbook and project, I will be able to immediately submit your grade to the University for processing. I will notify you when I have done that.

" Grades are posted (by Fresno Pacific University) within two business days of notification from instructor. A pdf Final Grade Report is available to print by logging in to the CPD website and clicking on Final Grade Report.

An official transcript may be obtained from the Order Transcripts link on the left side menu after the computerized grade report is received by the student. The grade report will reflect credit in the semester in which the course was registered; the transcript will reflect the actual course beginning and ending dates. The ending date is based on the postmark (or email attachment timestamp) on materials submitted to the instructor (for the final course completion review)."


University privacy policies do not permit instructors to issue "verification of course completion" letters to your school district. You will need to contact the Center for Professional Development office directly if you need that service. Call the office at 1-800-372-5505.

Online Grade Form Submission: 4.10.11

Effective immediately, the University is requiring at all course participants utilize the online Submit Grade Form option on the University website upon completion of the course.
Utilizing this option will expedite grade processing.

See the Course Completion instructions on the course website for details.

Primary Course Email Address Changed: 1.17.11

Effective immediately, I am changing my primary course email address to

Why? My previous email address(es) have been publicly visible on the web for several years and have been increasingly and relentlessly targeted by spammers (over 18,000 junk email messages in 2010!).

I have been testing various filtering alternatives for the past several months and have found that Gmail currently offers the most robust spam filters which will (hopefully...) identify and eliminate most of that junk email.

This change should be not cause any difficulties for you, the course participant. I will continue to monitor and receive email sent to my previously used address but will now respond from my gmail address.

Please adjust your address book entries to my new gmail address at your earliest convenience. Bob

Course Website Update: 1.7.11

The TEC 908 course website has been updated again. All links have been checked and are current as of January 7, 2011.

The TEC 908 course is currently being reviewed by the FPU/CPD Program Council. You are welcome to take a look at the course review documentation if you would find that of interest.

TEC 908 Course Review Documentation

Course Website Update: 1.9.10

As you may have noticed, the TEC 908 course website has been updated. I have moved the course content to an updated online course template which should work well across all current web browser platforms and is even compatible with many current mobile platforms like the iPhone.

The content of the World Wide Web module and the options for the Webpage Design modules remains virtually the same although the content of some sections has been updated with minor revisions.

All of the course links have been validated. Dead links have been removed and/or replaced with similar web resources. New web resources have been added to several of the World Wide Web exploration pages.

The content of the Online Communications Module has been significantly revised. The new content brings the course into alignment with the EdTechProfile standards. A new Email Skills Checklist will be used as a self-assessment tool prior to and after completion of the Online Communications Module.

A new Internet Skills Checklist will also be used as a self-assessment tool prior to and after completion of the World Wide Web and Webpage Design Modules.

Course participants who started the course prior to the January 2010 revision, are encouraged to but not required to use these two new self-assessment tools.

Course participants who started the course prior to the January 2010 revision are encouraged to use the updated course website but can, if they wish, continue use the earlier version of the website which has been archived and will remain accessible on one of the course mirror websites at:

Older versions of the course logbook printed prior to January 2010 should work just fine although there will be some minor differences. Course participants can adjust the older logbooks as necessary. Updated versions of the course logbook are available for download in the Course Support Documents section on the updated course website.

Please let me know if you notice any broken links, typos, are confusing navigation problems and I will fix those as soon as possible.

I appreciate your flexibility with this update process. Bob

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