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Course Completion Notes

Congratulations! You have completed the course.

I have been tracking your progress with the email messages we have exchanged throughout the course. All that remains for you to do is to submit your Logbook for review,

You have two options for doing this.

Digital Logbook Option

If you have kept your logbook in the digital format, send that to me as an email attachment. I will acknowledge receipt of the logbook file within 24 hours.

Hard Copy Logbook Option

If you have been using the hard copy version of the logbook, you will need to mail the logbook back to me. See the mailing information page for details.

I will acknowledge receipt of your logbook within 24 hours after it arrives in my mailbox.

After I have acknowledged receipt of your logbook, you will utilize the FPU Continuing Education website to Request (a) Final Grade for TEC 908.


Sign in to your account on the FPU/CE website and click on My Account and then on Request Final Grade to submit the online grade form.

The University will notify me that you have submitted the final grade request. If you have reached (or passed...) the three week minimum course completion date and I have reviewed your logbook and website project, I will be able to immediately submit your grade for processing. I will notify you when I have done that.

Final Grade Report / Order Transcript

Wait for the email from Fresno Pacific University congratulating you on your course completion. Then, sign in to your account on the CE website at https://ce.fresno.edu and click on My Account and then on Final Grade Report to view and print your grade.

To order an official transcript, sign in to your account on the CE website at https://ce.fresno.edu and click on My Account and the Order Transcript link and follow the instructions.

More details can be found at:


Contact me if you have any questions or require assistance.

Final Note: You are finished, but in actuality, you are just beginning. I am very interested in hearing how you utilize these new skills and online teaching/learning resources in your "connected classroom" in the years ahead. Stay in touch…

Bob Jost






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