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ATLAS: Student Portal (requires Student Login and Password)
intranet site (on campus only)
Science Olympiad Scholastic StudyJams
Dance Mat Typing PBS Learning Media
BrainPOP (7:00 AM - 5:30 PM) Visual Thesaurus
Great Websites for Kids Pearson SuccessNet
Teach Yourself Seasons

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*Computer Lab Site Pacman Typing
Monarch Butterflies Typing Bubbles
Just for Kids - U of IL Sasquatch Survivor
Spiders FunBrain
ABC-YA 2nd Grade Fun for the Brain
Arcademic Skill Builders Rube Goldberg Interactives
CoolMath 4 Kids Smarty Games
Measurement Telling Time
Dance Mat Typing Storyline Online
TVO Kids Knowledge Adventure
NG Kids - Creature Feature NLVM - Geometry
Turtle Diary BrainPOP Jr. - GameUp
Insects E-Learning for Kids
ABC-YA Math EecoWorld 
NG Kids: Creature Feature EcoKids: Wildlife
Between the Lions Money
EdHeads: The Odd Machine EdHeads: Simple Machines
Starship - Maths Cyberchase Math Games
Math Match Math is Fun
Math Fact Basketball Science Clips
Geography Hooda Liquid Measurement
Interactive Rocks and Minerals GeoGallery - multimedia
Tangrams  Sagwa
Sound & Hearing Bitesize Literacy
Animal Sounds  Make-a-Flake
Music Mixers Classics for Kids-Making Music
Nutrition Explorations National Geographic: Kids
FunBrain: Kids Center NLVM - Algebra
Place Value Math Games Nutrition and Fitness
Meteor Typing Scholastic Computer Lab Favorites
Sid The Science Kid Tinkerball
NGA Kids: The Art Zone  Seedball
Fraction Race Bitesize Numeracy
Fun to Type Simple Machines Games
Netsmartzkids BrainPOP Quizzes
KidscomJr Scholastic The Stacks
Webonauts Keyboard Challenge
Pearl Diver Monster School Bus
Music Catch BrainPOP - GameUp
Step Re-Mix FlipSticks
PBS Kids ARKive
Free Typing Games PBS Reading Games
Poptropica Virtual Snow
Fetch Ruff Ruffman Nutrition Choices
Lighthouses  Bitesize Science
Seussville Grain Strain
Science Kids-Rocks and Minerals Gallery of Mineral Photos
Spelling Match SpellingCity
Learning About Music  Chinese New Year
Bitesize Maths: Multiplication Carl's Cookie Capers
Bitesize Glasgow Science Centre
Factory Balls | Factory Balls 2 BBC Schools: Learning Games
NG Kids: Animals
Storybook Maker: Seussville -Games
BrainPOP Jr. Plants in Motion
Leonardo Da Vinci Leonardo: Right to Left...
HM Kids' Place: More Games Learning Games for Kids
Flash Cards  Construct-A-Word
Word Family Sort Word Wizard
Digger & the Gang Martin's Maze
Scrub Club Food Detectives Fight BAC
US Patent & Trademark Office Weather & Clouds
Primary Games Harcourt Math - Grade 2 
4Kids - Learning Games More Read*Write*Think
BrainPOP National Geographic Kids 
Superkids - 5-a-Day Mr. M's Flash Cards
The Big Dig: Ology Creature Feature: NG Kids
Learning About Music Faces, Edges & Vertices
Paper Critters America's Library
Meet Amazing Americans Secrets About the Presidents
POTUS: IPL Ben's Guide
White House for Kids Presidents of the US
Martin Luther King Jr. Rm 3: Animal Reports
That's A Fact OLogy
Jungle Interactive- NGA Amazing Animals
Giant Pandas Reptiles & Amphibians
h.i.p. pocket change KidsPlace
Nutrition Bats
NLVM - Geometry Grade 2 Kids' Planet
Animal Reports Animal Habitats
Ecosystems | Biomes Seasons
SpacyMath MathMayhem
Scrub Club NY Philharmonic Kidzone
Skeletal System Kids' Place: H-M EduPlace
Fractions Alligators & Crocodiles
Circle of Stories Stone Soup Magazine
The Science of Music Pattern Player
Cyberchase Funology
Weather Forecasts BBC Schools 
Fractions Wild Turkeys
The Wright Brothers Winter Holiday Traditions
Explorers Ecosystems | Biomes
Tree & Leaf Identification Puffins
The American Bald Eagle SFS Kids: Fun With Music

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*Computer Lab Site Dance Mat Typing
Starship - Maths Wordgametime
NEA: Online Games Mr. Nussbaum 3rd
NGA Kids: The Art Zone FunBrain: Kids Center
BBC Schools: Games Machine Nutrition Explorations
Arcademic Skill Builders ABC-YA Third Grade
Number Cruncher Number Cruncher Science
NLVM - Algebra Coolmath4Kids
TVO Kids - Puzzles & Words Knowledge Adventure 3rd
Tween Tribune Junior Discovery Education Login
Science Clips Turtle Diary
Sheppard Software Switcheroo Zoo
MathSnacks MBA Animal Guide
Creature Feature: NG Kids ARKive
Math is Fun Design a Fish 
Magic School Bus Activities Build-A-Fish
Words: PBS Kids Go! National Geographic: Kids
BrainPOP Jr (7:00 AM - 5:30 PM) OLogy
Cyberchase: Math Games ABC-YA Math
Math Match PBS - Math
e-Learning for Kids Storyline Online
Smarty Games Read*Write*Think
Measurement TVO Kids: (math & science)
Fun4theBrain: Multiplication More from ReadWriteThink...
Solar System Computer Lab Favorites
Fractions Hooda Math Fractions
Cool Math Fraction Games and Act. Solar System Facts
eNLVM - Geometry NASA Kids' Club
Virtual Snow Make-a-Flake
Optical Illusions PBS Kids - Holiday
Typing Bubbles Snowflakes & Snow Crystals
PBS Kids Music Activities Music Mixers
NY Philharmonic Kidzone  Mangahigh
Free Typing Games Rube Goldberg Interactives
Cyberbulling: Learning Lab Netsmartzkids
Sky Chase | Typing Jets Multiplication Games
Digizen Webonauts
Bitesize Science IPL KidSpace
Digital Passport Poptropica
Digger & the Gang Bitsesize Literacy
EecoWorld AoP: Animal Guide
Launchball Fish Animods
Sasquatch Survivor Fossil Fabricator
PBS Kids Go! - Science Bitesize Science
Cup Stacking Typing Mathematical Art
McGruff Primary Games
EcoKids: Wildlife Animal Reports
Spelling Match SpellingCity
Factory Balls 1 Factory Balls 2
Reading Comp. Practice Bitesize: Reading
Martha Speaks Seussville
MBG: Rivers & Streams Biology of Plants
Ecosystems | Biomes Cargo Bridge
ipl2: For Kids - Reading Zone Fun4TheBrain
Step Re-Mix ABCya! Animation for Kids
Bitesize Sci.: Living Things Create an Animation
Grain Strain Learning Games for Kids
Little Explorers: Landforms Glasgow Science Centre
Rm 4: Ag Research Sites - Games
California Arts Council My Learning: Interactives
NCTM Illuminations Learning About Music 
Tinkerball Science Museum Games
BrainPOP - Math BrainPOP (7:00 AM - 5:30 PM)
Scrub Club Food Detectives Fight BAC
The Great Plant Escape FunBrain
Visual Dictionary Online Science Clips 
Seasons Kids' Planet
Bitesize Numeracy Harcourt Math - Grade 3
Winter Holiday Traditions Build a Snowman
Edmodo Fresno Unified Information & Study Skills
Nutrition Choices Superkids - 5-a-Day
NCTM Illuminations IPL: Reading Zone
Bobby Bear Bitesize Maths
Amazing Animals Animal Habitats
Money Time
Rm 4: Adinkra Cloth That's A Fact
Professor Garfield  Comic Creator
Word Build & Bank The Letter Generator
Fractions More ReadWriteThink Tools
Word Girl America's Library
MaMaMedia Funology
Rm 27: Crayfish Corner FlipSticks
FunBrain Bats
Marine Ecosystems Oceanography
Martin Luther King Jr. Symbols of U.S. Government 
Nutrition Chinese New Year
BBC Schools KidsClick!: Literature
Invention Playhouse  h.i.p. pocket change
Word Build & Bank Flip-a-Chip
Word Family Sort Word Wizard
Video Gallery: NG Kids Kids' Place: H-M EduPlace
Rm. 4: Geography Glossary  Types of Goldfish
The White House Website Tree & Leaf Identification
Secrets About the Presidents Ben's Guide
EdHeads: Simple Machines EdHeads: The Odd Machine
Edheads: Activities Power Proofreading
Food Detectives Fight BAC Scrub Club
Rm: 26: Famous Americans  Rm 25: Fruits & Vegetables
Crayfish Snails
That's A Fact Hundredths
Chinese New Year Tangrams
Decimals: AAA Math Cinco de Mayo
Bats America's Library
AAA Math - Multiplication AAA Math - Division
Interactive Science Museums US Patent & Trademark Office
Famous Americans Multimedia Resources
Insects The Wright Brothers
Mars Rover Light

Grade 4 | Back to the Top of the Page

*Computer Lab Site BrainPOP (7:00 AM - 5:30 PM)
Gold Rush Interactives Scholastic Computer Lab Favorites
Sasquatch Survivor FunBrain: Kids Center
Electrical Circuits Poptropica
Typing Web ABC-YA 4th Grade
Arcademic Skill Builders Rube Goldberg Interactives
The Titanic CoolMath 4 Kids
Keyboard Challenge Glasgow Science Centre
Knowledge Adventure TVO Kids
Bitesize Science Discovery Education
Fractions Coordinate Graphing
Kinetic City Music Mixers
MathSnacks SFS: Music Lab
eNLVM: Geometry Coordinates on a Grid
IPL: Reading Zone Division Games 
KidsClick!: Literature Word Girl Sense-Lang Typing Center
PBS Kids: Measurement NCTM Illuminations
Number Muncher Bitesize Maths
Perimeter Explorer National Geographic: Kids
Mangahigh Manchester Login Area Explorer
Inanimate Alice NLVM || eNLVM (geometry)
Interactive Rocks and Minerals Science Kids Rocks and Soil
Math Resources Collection Math Playground Manipulatives
Dragonfly TV Bitesize Literacy
e-Learning for Kids Simple Machines
NCES: Create a Graph Step Re-Mix
ABCya! Animation for Kids PBS Kids Go! 
Create an Animation Flipsticks
Virtual Snow Germinator
Antibiotic Attack Microorganisms
Food Detectives Fight BAC Fun to Type
More Nutrition Sites Nutrition Choices
Homekey Kenny's Keyboarding NLVM - Algebra
Launchball Math is Fun
Primary Music Arcade Online Weather Activities
Mr. Nussbaum 4th Grade Weather Word Explorations
Fun For The Brian-Multiplication Learning About Music
Food Chains/Food Webs - Games
Digital Passport Cyberbulling: Learning Lab
SpellingCity Seasons
Typing Jets Scholastic The Stacks
STEM Skills  Bitesize Maths: Geometry
Meteor Typing
Spelling Match Probability
Dance Mat Typing Words: PBS Kids Go!
Trading Card Maker Bing Search Engine
Cyberchase: Math Games Early California: Explorers
CA Native Americans #1 CA Native Americans #2
Mathematical Art Wordle
Visual Dictionary Online Funology
Lego Construction Games Construction Challenges
Webonauts NGA Kids: The Art Zone
OLogy McGruff
Cinco de Mayo Netsmartzkids
CA Era Project: Primary Sources CA Historical Photographs
Regions of California California Vacations and Weather
California Photographs ipl2: For Kids - Reading Zone
Don't Buy It Professor Garfield
Snowflakes & Snow Crystals Make-a-Flake
MicroAngela's Image Gallery Microscopic World
Island of the Blue Dolphins Show Me
Electricity & Magnetism Sacramento Study Trip
Intro to Programming California Missions
Population (.xls format) Decades (.xls format)
Virtual Math Manipulatives Gold Rush Research Links
Fun4TheBrain FunBrain
KidsClick!: Literature Switcheroo Zoo
Playground: Seussville
Strike It Rich! Gold Rush for Kids
Grain Strain Martin's Maze My Learning: Interactives 
MyPyramid Blast Off Lucidchart
FlipSticks Robot Sketcher - NCTM
Scrub Club SunWoman WebQuest - Rm 5
Invention Playhouse Martin Luther King Jr.
California Rancho Period Paper Critters
Calisphere: Gold Rush Era 2009 Iditarod: Scholastic
California History Online Sled Dogs: PBS Nature
Recent Earthquakes in CA Rocks, Minerals & Gems
Power Proofreading Proofreading Makes Perfect
Harcourt Math - fractions Cyberchase Math Games
Shape Builder Dragonfly TV
Geoboard: NLVM Whitehouse 101
Winter Holiday Traditions Fractions
"California, Here We Come" - Research Links
"California, Here We Come" - Interactives
"California, Here We Come" - Project Overview
Native American Legends Edheads
Ecosystems | Biomes EcoKids: Wildlife
Mr. M's Flash Cards CBBC
Harcourt Math - Grade 4 NCTM Illuminations
National Geographic Kids eNature Online Field Guides
Base Blocks - Subtraction Pioneer Simulations
Blossom Trail  Science NetLinks: Tools
Harcourt Math: Symmetry Switch Zoo
UN World Food Programme Food Force - NG Kids
NLVM: Geometry NLVM: Fractions
Google Maps That's A Fact
How Electricity Works iKnowthat: 4th Grade
Amazing Animals Kids' Place: H-M EduPlace
Science Clips GeoNet
Cyberchase America's Library
Fresno Philharmonic Concert Presidents of the United States
Chinese New Year Tangrams
Food Detectives Fight BAC Scrub Club
Kids' Place: H-M EduPlace European Explorers
Typing Bubbles Constitution Day Students | Teachers | Research
Area & Perimeter: Shodor Area & Perimeter: NLVM Measurement
Population Data (intranet) Population Graphs (intranet)
Geometry  SFS Kids: Fun With Music
ABC-YA Marvin Music NY Philharmonic Kidzone
BAM! Math Games (all ages)
Prongo  Storytelling
More Native American Sites NCTM Illuminations: Tools
BBC Schools Digger & the Gang
The Science of Music Pattern Player
Invention Playhouse US Patent & Trademark Office
MSIChicago Interactive Science Museums
HowStuffWorks Interactive Math Sites
Mars Rovers Postcards from America
The Wright Brothers Winter Holiday Traditions
Ecology Expository Reading
Grandfather's Journey Xpeditions: Natl. Geographic
The First Thanksgiving Wild Turkeys

Grade 5| Back to the Top of the Page

*Computer Lab Site Typing Web
Scholastic The Stacks Mr.Nussbaum 5th
FunBrain Primary Games
StudyJams: Human Body Virtual Surgeries
ABC-Ya 5th Grade Activities - Games
Virtual Math Manipulatives MyPyramid Blast Off
Interactive Science Review Rube Goldberg Interactives
Glasgow Science Centre Protopage-Webpages
Knowledge Adventure Sizing Up the Universe
Math is Fun BrainPOP (7:00 AM - 5:30 PM)
NLVM || eNLVM (geometry) Discovery Education 
Coolmath4Kids Math Playground
FFFBI Mangahigh Math Games
Math-Play Bitesize Maths
MathSnacks Math Moves You
Wonderopolis Matrix Learning Games
Sense-Lang Typing Center Everyday Mysteries
Toondo PBS-Math Activities
Animations and Comics Comic Master
Typing Test Activities Bitesize English
Inanimate Alice Sky Chase | Typing Jets
Science Spot Kidszone Zoom Kitchen -PBS
NGA Kids: The Art Zone Chemistry: Periodic Table
U.S. Geography Bitesize Science: Materials
Mission US Amanita Design
Questionaut Winter Holiday Traditions
CoolMath Mathematical Art
Construction Challenges PBS Kids - Holiday
Virtual Snow ABC-YA Holidays
Music Mixers Learning About Music
More Solar System Sites Buzz Lightyear in Orbit
Curiosity Rover: JPL ISS Interactive...
NLVM - Grades 3-5 Solar System Exploration
Fun to Type Solar System
PBS Kids Go! Arcademic Skill Builders
iKeepsafe National Hurricane Center
BrainPOP Quizzes McGruff
Building Games Netsafe NetBasics
Weather & Satellites Kayak Typing
NSTeens It's My Life
Free Typing Games Digital Vaults
EdHeads - Weather Microsoft Word Video Help
STEM Skills TVO Kids
FUSD Internet Safety First Week STEM Skills Seasons
Food Chains/Food Webs The Rock Cycle
President Reports Research Have Fun With History Advanced Search Biography sites
Nutrition Explorations Solusville-Nutrition
Scratch: MIT (Info) More Nutrition Sites
Snowflakes & Snow Crystals ISS Tracker
Earth as seen from ISS Satellite Flybys
Trail of Tears  The Water Cycle 
Fractions Bitesize Science
PBS- Music Activities Bridge Basics
Cyberbulling: Learning Lab Digital Passport
Charters of Freedom Smithsonian: Students
National Archives: Exhibits Eekoworld
Wonderville PBS Kids Go!
STEM Skills Intro Rm 21: World Currency
Revolutionary War Research Bing Image Searching
U.S. Maps State Report Resources
Dance Mat Typing Khan Academy: Math Review
e-Learning for Kids eNLVM - Geometry
Career Exploration HistoryOrb
Lab Orientation Water Cycle 
Launchball Make-a-Flake
Current US Weather Map EekoWorld
Power Typing PowerPoint Tutorials
Dragonfly TV Build-A-Bot
NCES Kids' Zone Ology
GoogleArtProject Interactive Geometry
Body Systems Kinetic City
Current Natural Disasters Degree Confluence: US
HistoryWired  Rm 10 PPT Template
Native People of N. America STEM Skills
Balclutha Virtual Tour SF Maritime Park
TryEngineering Number Cruncher
Grain Strain Martin's Maze
ID Fit Wasted!
Chemical Reactions Bitesize Science 
Website Evaluation Process Website Evaluation Form
Electricity & Electrical Circuits Cell Biology
Make-a-Flake BAM!
Atmospheric Optics U.S. History Archives
American Civil War Civil War Soldiers & Sailors
Rm 10: Ellis Island Ellis Island: NPS
Geometry: Tranformations Playground: Seussville
Johnny Tremain NCTM Illuminations
Virtual Tours of Boston Poptropica
Germinator Antiobiotic Attack
Visual Dictionary Online Scrub Club 
Inventors & Inventions Bibliography Tools
Google | Ask
eNLVM - Platonic Solids NLVM - Platonic Solids
The White House Whitehouse 101
Tokens & Treasures GeoBee
NASA Multimedia Show Me
History Explorer  My Learning: Interactives Local Climate Data
Professor Garfield Optical Illusions
BBC Schools TV411
Harcourt Math - Grade 5 Visual Fractions
Tesselations M.C. Escher Gallery
The Great Plant Escape Just for Kids: U of IL Extension
What's My Angle Angle Activities
Don't Buy It Science NetLinks: Tools
NCES: Create a Graph NCES Kids' Zone
Immigration Data (.xls) Rm 16: Stock Market
Penguin Science Antarctic Dishwasher
South Pole Station | web cam Constitution Day
Intro to Online Research Harcourt Science
UN World Food Programme Food Force - NG Kids
Revolution: British Style Rm 19: American Hero
Invention Playhouse
Winter Holiday Traditions CompareContrastMap
That's A Fact  Nutrition Choices
Our Story in History - NMAH Our Documents 
African Textile Art Google Maps
Word Girl Fun With Words
Interactivate: Activities Interactivate: Tools
Science Clips Bitesize Science
Kids' Place: H-M EduPlace Harcourt Math - Grade 5
Satellite Tracking
Online Research: Grades 4-5 Rm.19: Culture Survival Kit
IPL: Reading Zone KidsClick!: Literature
Xpeditions: NG Geography Resources
Cinco de Mayo GeoNet
Soda Constructor Robot Sketcher
Everyday Mysteries IPL KidSpace
National Geographic Kids The Boston Massacre
Thirteen Colonies State/Colony Reference Sites Homework Helpers
Chinese New Year Tangrams
Martin Luther King Jr. Words
HowStuffWorks Everyday Mysteries
Virtual Jamestown Colonial Williamsburg
EasyBib Kids' Place: H-M EduPlace
Stanford University  California Desert Tortoise
Interactive Health Sites Native Americans 
National Archives NY Philharmonic Kidzone
GeoNet Kids' Place: H-M EduPlace
SCORE: 5th Grade Sites European Explorers
Music Mixers 2004 Election
BBC Schools Digger & the Gang
NCTM Illuminations: Tools More Interactive Math Sites
More Weather Information Children's Literature Sites
US Climate at a Glance: NCDC Mars Rovers
Lewis & Clark Expedition Cyberchase
Architect Studio 3D Heroes & Role Models
The Wright Brothers Georgia O'Keeffe 
Biographies Power Proofreading
Art Links DGL - Clipart Collection
R.V. Images (intranet only) State Rankings: Census Bureau

Grade 6 | Back to the Top of the Page

*Computer Lab Site FunBrain
Power Typing Career Exploration
Typing Web Scholastic The Stacks
PBS Kids Go! Mr. Nussbaum 6th Games & Puzzles Nutrition Choices
EekoWorld Arcademic Skill Builders
Autodidacticism Sites Rube Goldberg Interactives
Coolmath4Kids Environmental News
Bitesize2: Handling Data Bitesize3: Handling Data
Google Email and Calendar StudyJams:Data&Probability
Knowledge Adventure Probability
Bitesize2: Geometry/Math eNLVM - Geometry
It's My Life Discovery Education Login
State of Debate Google Apps  
Mangahigh Math Manchester Login FFFBI 
MathSnacks Math-Play
Sense-Lang Typing Center Questionaut
Matrix Learning Games Bitesize Maths
Math Playground That Quiz
Bitesize English - KS3 Bitesize English - KS2
Animations and Comics Comic Master
More Interactive Math Sites Scratch: MIT
Mars 3D Photos || NASA MSL BrainPOP (7:00 AM - 5:30 PM)
Inanimate Alice 3-D Geology Tours
Earthquakes & Volcanoes Typing Race
National Geographic: Kids Plate Tectonics
Switchzoo BAM!
Ecosystems | Biomes Free Typing Games
MathMovesU Virtual Math Manipulatives
BBC Schools CoolMath
Mathematical Art PBS Kids - Holiday
Learning About Music Make Music Online
Plastic Fork Diaries Music Mixers
Nutrition and Fitness NLVM || eNLVM
NAFWA-Activities The Secret Dancer
TATE Kids: Art Interactives TweenTribune
Ancient Egypt  Primary Games
Construction Challenges iKeepsafe
NSTeens Txt Invaders
Show Me Web Adventures: Rice Univ.
Constitution Day Charters of Freedom
Typing Jets Netsafe NetBasics
Brain Bashers Stop Disasters
Seasons Ancient Observatories
Bitesize Science Bridge Basics
First Week STEM Skills STEM Skills
FUSD Internet Safety
Poptropica Amanita Design
ABC-YA Holidays Don't Buy It
Digital Vaults wonderville
Everyday Mysteries Wonderopolis
Stromboli Online Volcanoes of the World - QTVR 
Country Report Resources Winter Holidays...
Ancient Civilizations EasyBib || BibMe
ElectroCity Curiosity Rover: JPL
NLVM - Algebra Math is Fun
Howtoons Ancient Cities
Create A Graph | Classic ChartTool
Cyberbulling: Learning Lab BBC WebWise: Safety & Privacy
What Can Go Wrong What's New Online?
STEM Skills Intro 2012 Chaco Canyon
Harcourt Math - Grade 6 Pearson SuccessNet
Prehistoric Art Rm 22: Stock Market Data
M.I. High NCTM Illuminations 
Pacman Typing Dance Mat Typing
Bitesize KS2 Bitesize KS3
World Geography EconEdLink
In 60 Seconds on the Web... How big is the Web?
Bitesize3: Geometry AsiaPacificEd Crossings
Bitesize Maths: KS3 Khan Academy: Math Review
Bitesize Maths Hurricanes
NGA Kids: The Art Zone National Archives: Exhibits
Global Climate Change: NASA Climate Kids
Stock Market  Endangered Species
Time Explorer Comic Master
Glasgow Science Centre Skillswise
PowerPoint Tutorials Launchball
NCES Kids' Zone Exploratorium: Explore
Navy Stem Skills GoogleArtProject
HyperHistory Timelines Timelines and Visual Histories
Fun to Type Villany Inc.
TV411  WordGameTime
Advanced Tech... Education STEM Collaborative
WolframAlpha EcoKids: Wildlife 
Discover Engineering Techlab: Build-a-Bot
TryEngineering Sci. Museum: Engineering
The Reconstructors  Optical Illusions
Interactive Adventures: BBC California Geotour - CGS
The Dynamic Earth The Dynamic Earth - text only
Degree Confluence Project Interactive History Maps
Atlas & Map Sites Geography Resources
Google Maps | Google Earth geoGreeting
Bitesize Science Interactive Maps
Power Up! Current Natural Disasters
Timeline of Art History Bioimages
STS-125 Shuttle: NASA Digital Citizenship & Safety
Pandemic Simulation State Population Data (.xls)  
Germinator Antiobiotic Attack
Exploratorium | Evidence smarthistory
My Wonderful World Visual Dictionary Online
Boxville Currency Symbol Seussville
Everyday Mysteries Lure of the Labyrinth
Int'l Address Formats Current Heads of State
President's Challenge HealthierUS
Kinetic City National Hurricane Center
Ancient Inventions Inventor's Stories
TVO Kids BMI : Room 17
Mt. St. Helens: USGS Mt. St. Helens: Stromboli Online
MSH National Monument MSH Volcano Cams
Harcourt Science Shodor: Interactive Math
What's My Angle Angle Activities
Interactive Geometry Geometry: Tranformations
Science NetLinks: Tools Rm 22: 2006 Crop Value
Rapid Typing Zone Graphs & Data Analysis
Agriculture Resource Sites Agriculture Search Sites
Cyberchase Smithsonian: Students
Ancient Greece Comic Creator
Seasons Local Climate Data
NCES Students' Classroom Culture Quest
Architecture: Rm 14 Architect Studio 3D
Food Force - NG Kids Zome - Rm 15 | Zome Videos
Kinetic City Science NetLinks
Chinese New Year: SCORE Rm 14 Ancient Civilization
Science Lab: iknowthat Can I Have a Word?: Barbican
NCTM Illuminations Music and Composers
Pics4Learning Rm 14: Silk Road
OLogy That's A Fact
Turtle Rectangles: NLVM Robot Sketcher - NCTM
LACMA: ArtWork- Current LACMA ArtWork - Archives
Lab Orientation Day Mr. Donn's Ancient History
The Rock Cycle Rock Classification
Rocks, Minerals & Gems Online Research: Grade 6
Architect Studio 3D Bibliography Tools
Calvin Crest - Outdoor Ed.
Cinco de Mayo GeoNet
Rm 22: Stock Market Fetch - PBS Kids Go!
Soda Constructor Robot Sketcher
Lemonade Stand Monthly Tornado Statistics
National Geographic Kids Games Scavenger Hunt Sites
Chinese New Year Tangrams People Biographies
HippoCampus Presidents of the United States
Kids' Place: H-M EduPlace Fall/Winter Holidays
GetNetWise: Online Safety NetSmartzKids
Internet | WWW Info Virtual Field Trips
Power Proofreading HowStuffWorks
Interactive Health Sites Science Clips
Martin Luther King Jr. MLK-Activities
GeoNet Kids' Place: H-M EduPlace
BBC Schools Digger & the Gang
Smithsonian: Students The British Museum
LaBrea Tar Pits LACMA Collections Online
Mohenjo-daro Photos Ancient Israel
Xpeditions: Natl. Geographic Fresno Philharmonic Concert
Invention Playhouse US Patent & Trademark Office
Air Quality Index FUSD MS Tech Gallery 
Webpage Backgrounds Clip Art & Images
The Wright Brothers Winter Holiday Traditions
Rm 14 Egypt Project Art Links
Science Resources National Science Digital Library
Science Night 2004 GPS
Copyright & Fair Use CARS Criteria - Site Evaluation
Cinco de Mayo Learning Styles
Children's Literature Sites Mars Rovers

All Grades
| Computer Lab Resources

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Lab Resources

GeoNet GeoBee
Geography Resources Xpeditions: NG
2006 Winter Olympics Presidents of the United States
Constitution Day Expository Reading
Starry, Starry Night Grab a Graph
Lewis & Clark Expedition Remote Sensing
Martin Luther King Jr.
Black History Month
Chinese New Year
Virtual Math Manipulatives Winter Holiday Traditions
Scholastic CyberHunts Geography Resources

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