National Symbols Lesson Plan

Gina Cole | California | Kindergarten

Social Studies: Standard: K.2

Students recognize national and state symbols and icons such as the national and state flags, the bald eagle, and the Statue of Liberty.

Objective: to introduce kindergarten students to symbols of our American culture.

Materials: crayons, coloring pages found on the internet using the second site listed below, pencils, a globe, an internet hook-up to your classroom television.

Necessary websites:


*Click on the above website (Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government for Kids).
*Click on our nation. Explain the difference between land and water. Teach the continents. Also show the continents on the globe.
*Go to the next screen which is North America. Read the page and show the countries on the globe.
*Go to the next page which is Our Nation. Read and explain that we live in California but we are one of many states that belong to the United States.
*Click on the home icon, then the k-2 on the kite,and then go to the Your Neighborhood page.
*Click on each and explain the different parts of a community. Then point out that there are many American flags flying in our communities because even though we live in individual communities, we are Americans.
*Click on home, then k-2 and choose symbols of U.S. Government.
*Select the American flag and read to the students. Pass out the coloring page of the flag.
*For the next lesson go to the same site and select the bald eagle. Read and pass out the color page.
*The next lesson do the same with the Statue of Liberty.

Suggestion: I would print out the coloring pages and create a space at the top for a student name and a space at the bottom so the students can write in the name of the national symbol. At the same time as these lessons are taking place, I would be teaching “America the Beautiful”. These coloring pages could be put into a patriotic book and displayed at Open House.