Web Filtering

District-wide Web Filtering:

Web content filtering was mandated by the E-Rate funding so most school district have some form of filtering in place on all school computers. Check with your local or district technology department to see what type of filtering is being used. Note that every type of filtering has limitations. Knowing the limitations will help you to minimize the possibility that students will accidentally or intentionally access web content that is not blocked by the district's filters.

Personal Computer Web Filtering:

If district-wide filtering is not available, consider install filtering software on the individual computers in your classroom. You may also want to consider installing filtering software on your computer at home if you have younger children.

GetNetWise maintains an extensive list of Tools for Families that can be used to filter and block inappropriate content, monitor computer activity and block outgoing content.

GetnetWise: Tools for Families

ISP Child Safety Options

Many internet service providers offer some degree of parental control. You will need to check with your ISP to see what is available.

GetNetWise maintains a list of child safety tools that are offered leading internet service providers as well as hints on you to activate those features.

GetNetWise: Child Safety Options Offered by Leading ISPs


An Opposing Viewpoint: Circumventing Web Filtering Software

The Peacefire website maintains an extensive set of instructions on how to get around most commonly used web filtering software. It is good to know what the kind of information our students/children have access to on the web...

Peacefire: Open Access for the Net Generation




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