Teaching Online: Lessons Learned...

Site Design - Keep it Simple

  • Most web users have an 8 second attention span...
  • Glitz and glitter just slow down the site/page load time
  • Limit the use of graphics
  • Use simple, consistent navigation elements
  • Text links work just a well as graphics and are much faster
  • Compatibility testing is critical
    • Design for the lowest common denominator
    • Test your site on multiple platforms and with multiple ISP's
    • Make sure it works on AOL

ISP's/Web Hosting

  • Reliability
    • Get your own domain name (and remember to renew it!)
    • Use a top-tier web hosting service provider
    • Avoid budget hosting services - you get what you pay for...
    • Look for 99.9% uptime with redundant web connections
  • Redundancy
    • Provide course site mirrors on multiple servers
    • Outsource - your local ISP is fine for a backup site
      but not for your primary site.
    • Look for hosting services that provide daily backups
    • Perform regular backups on your end as well
  • Portability
    • Design a self-contained site that can be easily moved from one server to another
    • Use an ISP with nationwide coverage/access numbers
  • Privacy
    • If you use 3rd party providers for listserve, web boards or blogs, be sure to check their privacy policies
    • Password Protection of content, listserve and web board postings



Presentation developed by Bob Jost | Last updated July 9, 2004