Online Course Benefits

  • Online courses are increasingly in demand with our core audience as well as with emerging markets (ASCI etc.)
  • It is much easier to update and revise course content
  • Materials duplication costs are minimal - printing cost is moved to the clients
  • "Alpha geeks" are often a bellwether of emerging trends
  • Course participants can become part of the development / revision process and often suggest other resources that can be added to your existing content
  • Developers/Instructors can become a significant change agent with influence in classrooms and schools all over the country
  • Higher than average course completion rates
    • TEC 908 - 95% completion rate over past 4 years
    • TEC 912 - 90% completion rate over past 4 years
  • Wonderful opportunity to work with a highly motivated group of educators from all over the country/world



Presentation developed by Bob Jost | Last updated July 9, 2004